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Skylift Aviation GmbH was founded in 2016 in Vienna, Austria, and has extensive experience in all business challenges of the aviation sector. The Skylift Aviation team consists of highly motivated and experienced experts in all relevant disciplines. Our large network of partners ensures outstanding service quality in almost all areas of aviation. With our extensive experience in the aviation industry, we help our clients maximize the value of their operating model, realize growth ambitions, and gain insights that lead to sustainable competitive advantage.

Skylift Aviation Compliance Management


Continuous improvement enables sustainable operations. Keeping your manuals and procedures up to date with changing regulations and policies can become very time-consuming. Skylift Aviation offers compliance audits and inspections on an ad-hoc basis or through full- or part-time contracts. Enhance your operation with external, independent, and highly qualified auditors. We operate neutrally in corporate policies and objectives, without bias towards status or power interests.

Skylift Aviation Safety and Risk Management


SMS introduces an evolutionary process in system safety and safety management. It is a structured process that obligates organizations to manage safety with the same level of priority as other core business processes. Take advantage of our expertise in implementing an effective and efficient safety management system for your operation and contractors. Stay up to date with requirements and ensure the correct application of your procedures and policies with Skylift Aviation.

Skylift Aviation Manual Preparation and Revision


EASA sets the rules – We create the manuals. For new operators, those introducing a new aircraft, helicopter, or drone type, or those seeking a revision of their manual content to meet EASA requirements and other standards, Skylift Aviation GmbH offers a range of options. These include generic-based manuals, customized content for specific purposes, or a complete manual suite for airliners and business operators.

Skylift Aviation Audits and Inspections


Our audits and inspections will be conducted by auditors qualified in the relevant subject matter. They focus on ensuring the correct implementation of your documented procedures. We evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of your procedures and processes during audits and make recommendations for continuous improvement to your organization.

Skylift Aviation Project Management


In the intricate world of aviation, where complex tasks, dynamic markets, rapid technological developments, and customers expecting a high level of service and professionalism present challenges, Skylift Aviation offers professional, sustainable, and effective project management. Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we assist you in implementing your plans.​

Skylift Aviation Personnel and Recruitment


Benefit from our extensive network of highly qualified aviation managers, each with years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. Our interim management service offers both short- and long-term availability of professionals known for their integrity, neutrality, and dedication to corporate objectives without bias or self-interest.


With our management services, we provide the highest safety standards and efficient business processes, ensuring maximum compliance, thus meeting the highest quality demands of your operation and your customers.

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Business Formation

Having the right expertise on your side when setting up your company is vital. Skylift Aviation offers a service that not only gets your company up and running but also advises you on all your compliance requirements and remuneration strategies. With our qualified partners, we assess your long-term goals and ensure that your plans, documents, and structures are in place to accomplish your mission. Our service includes business development, project management, coordination with national authorities, registering your company, applying for your operating license, manual and document preparation, aircraft acquisition, equipment procurement and system implementation, interim or permanent management services, personnel recruitment and training, as well as tax and financial advice.

Skylift Aviation Business Formation Consulting
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Business Development

With our expertise in developing and executing new business strategies, we collaborate with your team to craft a realistic business development plan that stands out amidst competition. After understanding your current and past business activities, we pinpoint areas needing attention for a successful business development initiative. We maximize your existing resources while assisting in the analysis and planning of resources to elevate your business. Our development services encompass business plan preparation, contract assessment, financial and insurance planning, assistance in certification processes, and legal counsel.