Our Company

Skylift Aviation GmbH - Training  was founded in 2016, with the propose of replacing expensive, long and inefficient leader-led training with short, tactical e-learning applications that could be viewed any time at any place. Skylift Aviation GmbH - Training launched the first programs and platform in January 2016 focusing on recurrent aviation trainings for pilots. State of the art 3D animated contents and a new customize able

easy-to-use platform are the main corner stones of the company. Skylift Aviation GmbH - Training offers all trainings as single-user license (without platform) as well as for companies or groups of users (including the platform). Please CONTACT US for a detail information or join our STORE for single users. The range of trainings will continuously be extended. You can regularly check the progress of training development in the NEWS section. Skylift Aviation GmbH - Training  offers also customized trainings on request. We will always be focused on creating contents that truly impact the aviation industry. Our trainings are fully compliant to EASA rules.