Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR)


Duration: 02:00 hours

Exam: 30 Questions

Available: 90 days

Applicability: Flight Crew, Dispatch, Cabin Crew, All Personnel according IATA DGR


This Dangerous Goods Regulation Course complies with EASA, IATA-DGR and ICAO-TI requirements and is applicable for Operators holding an approval for Transport of Dangerous Goods as well as Non-Carry Operators without approval. The course will be updated annually and can be used for both initial- and recurrent training. According to the law all personnel is required to conduct a DGR course each 24 month.


Training consists of:

  • General Philosophy
  • Limitations
  • General Requirements for Shippers
  • Classification
  • List of Dangerous Goods
  • General Packing Requirements
  • Packing Instructions
  • Labelling and Marking
  • Shippers Declaration and Documentation
  • Acceptance Procedures
  • Recognition of Undeclared Dangerous Goods
  • Storage and Loading Procedures
  • Pilots Notification
  • Provisions for Passengers and Crew
  • Emergency Procedures


46,00 €