Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM)


Duration: 01:00 hour

Exam: 20 Questions

Available: 90 days

Applicability: Flight Crew, Dispatch


RVSM is currently required in almost every part of the world. The additional FL’s enable to fly more efficient profiles and provides the potential for enhanced airspace capacity. RVSM operators must receive authorization from the appropriate civil aviation authority. RVSM aircraft must meet aircraft equipment requirements and altitude-keeping performance standards. Operators must operate in accordance with RVSM policies/procedures applicable to the airspace where they are flying. This course can be used for both initial-, and recurrent training.


Training consists of:

  • Introduction to RVSM
  • Approval Process
  • Flight Planning
  • Pre-Flight Procedures
  • In-Flight Procedures
  • Communication
  • Abnormal Procedures
  • North Atlantic Procedures
  • Post Flight
  • Regional Procedures

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