Frequently asked questions

Does my child need to be potty trained?

We accept children who are not yet potty-trained. In fact, these children learn very quickly to imitate the others who use the toilets.

Do you provide snacks and meals?

We provide a hot meal every day except on Wednesdays, when the session finishes at 12pm. Parents provide a pack of 5 fruits on Mondays for the snack time given in mornings and the afternoon. The nursery provides milk and water.

At lunch time we provide lunches. These are prepared at our Oxford Gardens provision and delivered to us just in time for lunch. The cost of these are included in your fees.
Children staying for the Wednesday club have to come with a packed lunch on that day.
If you wish your child to have breakfast at Nursery this is absolutely fine, all you need to do is bring along their cereal or what you wish them to have and we will give this to them. Please note there is no need to provide cow’s milk.

If your child has a severe allergy, please discuss it with the manager and provide information about any special dietary requirements, preferences and food allergies that the child has, and any special health requirements. Please note we are only licensed to heat up meals by microwaving them.

Do the children sleep?

Every day after lunch children are offered to sleep from 12.15pm to 2pm, when afternoon session starts. Children who do not wish to sleep have a quite time. Please provide a blanket and bedding sheet for the nap time.

Do you provide nappies, wipes and skin cream?

The nursery does not provide wipes and cream. You must provide nappies, wipes and sun cream.

What happens if I am late picking up my child?

Any parent wishing to pick up their child later by even 10-15 minutes, should ring to let us know in order for us to staff the nursery accordingly – this may not always be possible due to nursery staffing arrangements.

Parents/Guardians, who collect their children late without prior agreement, will be subject to a pro-rata charge of £9 per hour as the child will be automatically taken to afterschool care room.

Can I drop my child off before 08:00?

Our Oxford Gardens school has an early arrival scheme. This service is charged same as the afterschool care.

Can someone else collect my child?

For security reasons, the child may only be picked up by those persons booked on the registration form.

Any changes will only be accepted in writing and the person concerned must be introduced to the child's key carer.

Under NO circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the premises unaccompanied or with an unauthorised person or with a person who appears to be unfit to look after the child's safety or who is under severe influence of alcohol or drugs.

Who is responsible for keeping contact numbers up to date?

It is the responsibility of the parents to keep us informed of any changes in contact numbers.
The Nursery Manager then has responsibility for ensuring all nursery records are updated accordingly.

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