Duration: 01:00 hour

Exam: 20 Questions

Available: 90 days


    After completion of the course, the successful ap­plicant should be thoroughly familiar with the basic principles, limitations and special functions of the RNAV/GNSS system. They should also be familiar with the operation and particularities of RNAV/GNSS equipment. Finally, they should be aware of the operational procedures applicable to pre-flight planning and performance of these approaches.



    • Operating principles of the RNAV/GNSS system

    • System limitations

    • Characteristics (class, performance, etc.) and functionalities of the RNAV/GNSS equipment used, including alarms and error messages 

    • Characteristics of RNAV(GNSS) approach procedures 

    • Indication of different types of GNSS approaches

    • Selection of different types of approaches (SBAS channel, etc.)

    • Rules applicable to pre-flight planning (selection of aerodromes, NOTAMs, RAIM prediction)

    • Normal and occasional procedures, in particular all the missed approach cases (including the corresponding phraseology) 

    • Databases (characteristics, checks and utilisation)

    • Applicable minima

    • Use of approach documentation (charts, identification of the approach procedure, representation and characteristics of the various turning points)

    • Flight Crew 
    • Dispatch
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